E-MATE 2.0

Building Capacity for Interactive Teaching and Learning

The career of a supply chain technician can be extremely rewarding. The successful technician will enjoy problem solving, learning new technology and taking responsibility.  This chapter will introduce you to the career, outline the skills needed to be successful and show you all the resources you need to get started supporting our nation’s supply chain as a highly skilled supply chain technician (SCT). This chapter will also give you insight into the day to day responsibilities of an SCT.
Many in the industry would describe this career as an industrial maintenance mechanic with expertise with the technologies and systems used in the 21st century’s automated warehouses. That description is true. The Industry Leadership Team, providing guidance to the National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education, uses the following definition:
“A person who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the software, hardware, automated equipment and systems that support the supply chain.”
As you read through this chapter you will have the opportunity to watch several videos, read relevant white papers, test your knowledge of the supply chain and create a list of resources you can use to plan your education.
Before you get started ask yourself these simple questions:

  • How did the shoes that you are wearing get from the shoe manufacturer to your feet?
  • How do you order something online right now knowing that it will get delivered to your home tomorrow?
  • How many different types of soda are available for purchase?
  • Take a few minutes and write down the best answer you can. Think of all the steps necessary? How many people are involved? Why do consumers have so many choices? How far does a product have to travel? Where is it manufactured? The list of questions is infinite.

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